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 Recieving a scary note

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Recieving a scary note Empty
PostSubject: Recieving a scary note   Recieving a scary note EmptyFri Jan 27, 2012 4:12 am

Charlotte walked back into her room. She started to remove her make up and take off her costume. She was proud of her performance tonight. She noticed a stack of letters on her make up stand and started to read through them. Her smile widened by every letter she read. They were praising her, complimenting her. She put the last letter down and looked at her reflection. From the corner of her eye she saw a one lost letter laying on the floor infront of the door. She turned around and got up to pick the letter and start reading it. 'Silly people, dropping my fanletters like this.' She opened the letter and started reading.

So you think you've got what it takes? During the next performance I'll be targeting one of you.....Try and escape and you will lose your own life.

She was shaking as she read the letter. This was not nice at all. She read it again. She then started to laugh nervously. "But this can not mean me!" She crumbled the letter and threw it over her shoulder to the corner somewhere. She went to blow out the candels and carried one to her bedside. She got into her bed and pulled the covers over her before blowing the last candle out. She curled into a ball and pulled the covers over her head. "It can not mean me...." She said in a whisper as she closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep.
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Recieving a scary note
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