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 How to RP here ^^

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How to RP here ^^ Empty
PostSubject: How to RP here ^^   How to RP here ^^ EmptyFri Dec 02, 2011 12:01 pm


1. Never use someone else's character without permission. The only characters you can manipulate are your own.
2. If there are more than two people roleplaying together in a thread, have a posting order so no one gets left out or pushed aside.
3. Avoid making your characters the centre of attention, overpowerful, and omnipotent. This goes for both canon and original characters. Keep everyone realistic, as well as their situations.
4. Follow the physics of the show at all times. Don't make the canon characters act out-of-character (OOC) by having them deal with situations they would never have to face unless your roleplay is set in an alternate universe (AU).
5. If someone in your roleplay hasn't posted in three months without a legitimate reason, you can either find a new player to handle their character (if they were handling a canon character) or leave their character out of the storyline (if they are an original character) so the roleplay doesn't grind to a halt for the other players.


Respect your fellow members. Rudeness, harassment and/or abuse towards any member of the site is frowned upon. This also includes pestering people about posting or forcing someone to roleplay something they're not comfortable with. If someone feels they are being mistreated in such a fashion, contact an admin or mod immediately.

Remember that while your characters are friends/dating/enemies, those dedications do not extend outside of what is being done in roleplay. Never let out-of-character issues get involved in in-character issues and vice versa. No one is obliged to roleplay with someone if they wish to take their character in another direction, or if they feel that they wouldn't be able to get along both in-character and out-of-character. The player is not the character.

Although we're pretty active, we also have lives outside of roleplaying. It's not worth getting angry over if someone isn't replying as quickly as you want them to, or they are choosing to roleplay with someone else over you. Please don't pester them to post continuously. Have patience, and if you have any concerns, simply ask them. If you're still having problems, contact an admin or mod for advice.

Everyone is allowed to express or voice their opinions as they see fit, but within the proper lines of respect and decency. Swearing is allowed in-character, but don't be rude to someone and curse them out-of-character.

We understand the desire to help, but if you're not an admin or mod, don't take it upon yourself to point out another member's flaws. You can offer them some helpful advice, especially to new characters/members who don't know how things work around here, but please don't outright tell characters and/or members they're doing something wrong, especially in a rude and condescending matter. We do not want to place people in the position of judging each other; that is the staff's responsibility, not yours.

Plagiarism is stealing and will not be tolerated. You cannot use writing that someone else has produced in your posts. If you have a canon character, you must write your own history for them—you can't use information from Wikipedia or their respective wikis.


Godmodding is a major issue. What godmodding essentially entails is taking control of someone else's character or making your own character escape from, let's say, an impossible situation. Common examples of godmodding are when a character cannot be harmed or killed and dodges every attack, or when a roleplayer takes control of another roleplayer's character without their permission. Other common examples of godmodding are using illogical means or concepts to get out of a sticky situation, or being all-knowing. Also, finding objects that have no real reason of being there in the first place (e.g., finding a Death Note). The absolute worst is when they make out another character to be what they're not, just to make their own character seem superior. They make others seem weak, screaming for help, when they've made it quite clear about their advantages and strengths. This is called power-play. It's a strain of godmodding that isn't usually heard of, but instead of just being irritating, it's offensive to boot.

You are free to manipulate supporting characters—non-playable characters like the crowd, that is—but up to a point.
A Mary Sue/Gary Stu is a character who is absolutely perfect. They are gorgeous, loved by everyone, have no faults, and are amazing at everything they try. So, basically, they are boring, one-dimensional character with no thought put into them. They are also extremely annoying to roleplay with. I'm not saying that your character can't be pretty, or smart, or really good a one particular field, but let's make sure that we keep this realistic. No one is perfect and everyone has faults. A good roleplayer makes sure that their character has a good balance of strengths and weaknesses. It makes them a lot more fun to roleplay with. It also gives you the opportunity to have more fun with your character because if you can always do everything right the first time you try it, your character's going to be boring really fast.

The Drama King or Drama Queen oftentimes run hand-in-hand with Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters. Basically, everything always happens to a Drama Queen/Drama King. Their parents are usually dead or dying; that, or their parents are completely evil to them. If they do not live with their parents, they then live in an orphanage or with cruel relatives. They are also constantly having bad things happen to them and are generally seen crying a lot. A word of warning; Drama Queens and Drama Kings rarely want to be comforted or offered advice on how to fix their problems, because that could remove them from the center of attention.
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How to RP here ^^
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